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Findings from the 2012 Senior Surveys

Authors: Garry Davis and Greg Cumpton
Date: February 2012
Publication Type: Report. 88pp.

This report discusses findings from the senior surveys conducted in the spring of 2012. Some notable student responses for the class of 2012 include when students first started thinking about college, how often during each week they studied for high school subjects, how well they felt their high school coursework prepared them for college coursework, and the types of colleges they applied to. This report also finds differences between 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 seniors’ responses on topics such as the amount of time spent working in paid employment outside of high school, their plans for postsecondary education, and their perceptions about the ease of applying for financial aid.

The Ray Marshall Center The University of Texas at Austin The LBJ School of Public Affairs